I AM that, I AM

Am I Enough

This blog is dedicated to every woman, girl, boys and men who have ever felt there not good enough, those who have looked in the mirror and think there nose is too big, lips are too thick or thin, hated the site of there natural hair colour or texture, to those who have wondered if there pretty enough, nice enough, big enough, small enough, tall enough; simply not enough!

 I am here to remind you that you are meant to be unique! Unfortunately we live in a society that doesnt remind us of this but instead perpetuates the notion we are meant to be a certain way. You are here to stand out and be different, it is your individualality that makes you special and there is not a single Soul out there that can do what you can do. It is time to embrace what you perceive as flaws and forever love the skin your in because it's meant for you.

Yes there are things you can change and I'm not going to tell you to wait till you feel ready because only God knows how many more Mondays it will take for that feeling to arise so just make a start today with what you have. You are here for a reason whether you know what it is or not, it is your job to take steps to being the best version of you that you can be and not to impress that girl or make your mum proud but you need to do it for you.

You are special and if knowbody has told you today I'm reminding you! You are special, unique and a gorgeous being able to achieve anything you want because you are enough.

Take time to recharge your mind and go down a gear, your mental health is just as important as your physical. For some reason mental health especially in some cultures is such a dirty word and frowned upon as the devils work or an excuse for laziness. I am a happy young working mother who suffers from bouts of depression and I am not ashamed to admit that at times I struggle in this area but I am also at peace because I have accepted who I am. If you feel down at times, lonely or mentally unstable the best presrciption i can advise is exercise. Start moving not only to stregthen your body but heal your mind too. 

Just perfect imperfections