Ask yourself 'what can I be grateful for?'

Have an Attitude of Grattitude

Today I wanted begin my morning differently so instead of going for my phone I picked up a book ‘The Power’ to be exact; which I think was a follow up to ‘The Secret’ By Rhonda Byrne. I decide to say a little prayer first and see what page I opened up on.

The chapter was about gratitude and explained that by being grateful you can change your how life. For some sceptics you’ve just read that line and rolled your eyes but for others like me it has lit something inside you that believes it may be true. It’s not just about saying your grateful for things or writing a list, the key is to feel it too. There is a short story about a man who was divorced and unhappy but by making the decision to appreciate and be thankful for what he had in 120 days his life had totally transformed. Not only were his friends and family surprised at how positive he was, he was happier at work and ended up marrying his child hood sweetheart! This filled me with such a surge of hope that I began to wonder can I change my life just by feeling more grateful?

So instead of a squat challenge I’m focusing on a THANKFUL FEELING CHALLENGE everyday as many times as I can I am going to find things to be grateful for and feel it in my being.

Today I already have so much to be thankful that is  easy to feel this sense of peace and surety but I wonder what will happen on days when not everything goes to plan? I will be detailing any changes I notice in my life but so far so good.

I’m feeling at ease, my son has been taken out to the park, I’ve had amazing food and already have dinner prepared; as a mummy all these little things are a God send and it’s a shame I would’ve taken them for granted before today.


Join me on my challenge and see if you feel any different simply by feeling appreciative of all you have.