You have control

Beleive in your Dream

I recently told a new client 'You need to start loving your body the way it is' and I could tell by the slight change in her eyes that she thought I was talking absolute crap! I tried to explain that until you are able to accept the body you are in you will find it harder to stay motivated because the changes will take time and begin very subtly, when you already appreciate the skin your in you tend to be less harsh on yourself and trust your body to make changes in time.

 ‘How can I love my body when Im trying to change it?’ just because you want to change your body  doesn’t mean the one you currently have is no good; all it means is that you have made a decision to improve what you already have. She later added ‘I find it hard to believe that it will ever change!’ This may sound cheesy as hell but if you don’t believe something is possible then it won’t be; I believe every goal begins in the mind and until you have convinced yourself of an exact goal it’s highly unlikely you will be able to stick it out.

 I have clients who I can see have a realistic goal of what they would like to achieve and know that all the aching, sweat, sacrifice and hard work comes part and parcel with getting what they want, whereas I see others who think I have a magic wand that will create a new body in the space of a few weeks, they are constantly putting themselves down, are desperate to see results yet don’t put in any extra work and find it difficult to push themselves past their comfort zones.

Do you honestly believe in what you want? And if so how do you plan on achieving it? Yes its great to think and plan but you also need to take ACTION.

I love love love to motivate and teach effective workouts and aim to help as many people as possible but if you don’t believe you can do it then how can you expect others to believe in you? As a trainer one of most draining aspects can be trying to convince someone of all of there amazing strengths and all they can focus on are their weaknesses. Without a clear vision, determination and grit unfortunately you probably wont succeed and nope don’t even think about a quick fix because the quicker you lose the sooner youll gain it all back, even if you fly out to Turkey and get some surgery you will still need to maintain what you paid for.

 Start believing in yourself and that the impossible is possible, start telling yourself all the good points about yourself, love the skin your in and Thank it for being healthy!